“You can’t ride the bus with that thing!”

So yesterday I decide to go and pick up a microwave I found on Gumtree and according to Google maps, it was less than 2 miles away.  A short 24 min bus ride if I left right now it said.  I had asked the person selling if the microwave would fit in my shopping trolley and she told me yes, that it would.  Sweet, no need for me to carry it in my arms like a lost child for 2 miles, I can just roll it home.  After a second, it was apparent that she was thinking of a shopping trolley that you find at a big grocery store, while I was referring to my grandma cart.  There goes that idea of just rolling it home.

I go to pick up the microwave and the seller drops £5 on the price, and throws in a free kettle to boot.  I walk back to catch the bus home, happy as a clam since I just saved myself about £15.  I’m sure it didn’t look weird that I was standing at the bus stop, holding a microwave in my arms.  I got the sense that it was, if only because of all the stares coming from people on other buses as they passed me by.

Finally, the #42 bus pulls up, I pay my fare and make my way to the nearest seat, when I hear “Hey, you can’t ride the bus with that thing!”, coming from the driver, as he reaches out a little opening attempting to touch the door of the microwave.  “It has glass” he yells.  “Well, I didn’t know that, and I already paid my fare”, I answer.  “You should have asked me before paying” he replied.  To which I ask “How was I supposed to know I couldn’t ride the bus with this thing, if there are no signs posted, can I have my fare back then?”  “No, that’s impossible, you need to get off as I’m not moving this bus” said the driver.  I look him in the eye and try to give him my best “I’m not from here, can you just give me a break look”.  It doesn’t work.  I storm off the bus, carrying the microwave over my shoulder like a sack of potatoes, as I look to flag down the nearest taxi.

I stop one and I ask before entering “Can I take this microwave aboard the taxi?”  The driver answers “Sure, why wouldn’t you?”  I tell him about my experience on the bus, which puzzles him.  “I never heard of such a thing” he said as we pulled into traffic.  The ride home ended up costing me £10, and I learned something new in London…..I miss my Durango.


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