Ghosts, Gorillas and Brad Pitt? or How I spent my weekend.

This past Friday, I decided to venture out and visit Southwark’s very own, world famous Elephant and Castle urban forest, inside Heygate Estate.  A group of dedicated volunteers are trying to make sure that the general public knows about and visits Heygate Estate before the council demolishes it.   I have not heard of this place, even though I pass it on the way to the tube.  This night we were treated to songs about ghosts and a creepy ghost story by our hosts Nigel of Bermondsey and Vanessa Woolfe.

Vanessa Woolf tells ghost story

Well it turns out that filming for the upcoming World War Z movie was going on and they were not allowing the group to access the forrest.  It was mentioned somewhere in the press that Brad himself might be on location, but we didn’t see him.  It would have been cool to see some actual scenes being filmed, because I do love me some zombies.  Speaking of zombies be sure to add World Zombie day to your calendar.  Go here for more info.

On Saturday we went in the city and spent time at the Great Gorilla Run, which I must say was a lot of fun.  People running, dressed in gorilla suits and raising money at the same time, what could be better?

Iron Man is present and awaiting the start of the Great Gorilla Run.
Great Gorilla Run going across Tower Bridge
A banana jumps for joy before the start of the Great Gorilla Run.

See more photos here.

Here is a short video


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