World Zombie Day: London

Spent this weekend chasing and filming zombies.  Over a hundred of them gathered at Marble Arch and rambled across the city, to Leicester Square in a ‘Zombie walk/pub-crawl’, raising money for St. Mungo’s.   You can find more information on St. Mungo’s here 

We followed the horde for only 2 blocks, since we had plans on visiting a few stores along Oxford Street, since we were in the neighborhood.  Luckly, we ran into them later in the evening at Leicester Square.  They all seemed to be having a hell of a time.

Here are some cool zombie faces:

I also shot a little video of the event:

The event was lot’s of fun, and I can’t wait to attend zombie school this coming weekend.  I’m hoping to participate in the 2.8 hours later zombie chase game.  Go here for more info.


One comment

  1. Hi,
    I work at St Mungo’s and the photos look fantastic. Can we use them for our newsletters/FB/Twitter/Website??
    Happy to credit you by name or website and mention you on tweets.
    We’ve got a supporter magazine going to print tomorrow (Friday) so would be great to get a reply by then.

    PS – Anyone can still donate by visiting

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