Greatest job ever? Maybe, but it sure seems likes fun to me.

Over the weekend, I attended the NFLUK Fan Fest and I was very impressed with the turnout. Fans from all over the UK showed up in support of the NFL. I even met a guy and his daughter who were BIG fans of the Chicago Bears. When I let them know that I’m from Chicago, and have just relocated to London, he asked “Why would you leave the greatest city in the world to come and live in this *(_)(%$ of a city?” I answered “You need to leave, so you can appreciate what you originally have”, to which he nodded in agreement.

Everyone at the fest was having a great time, but I think the mascots were having a better time. I say this because EVERYONE wanted to have their photo taken with either Staley or Captain Fear or the ever popular Tampa Bay Buccaneers Cheerleaders. Being a Chicago Bears fan, I followed Staley around, hoping for some cool photos.

I remember a few years ago, when I worked for Juice Magazine, I wanted to do a story about being a mascot for a day.  I asked the Iowa Cubs if I can portray Cubbie Bear for a game.  After speaking with the chap who normally portrays Cubbie Bear, I was given the green light, but on one condition… had to be a game in late July or early August.  Now, I’m not sure if you ever spent time in the midwest during late July or August, but it’s freaking hot!  That’s without wearing a bulky suit, so I chickened out.  It would have been a blast, but I just wasn’t in any shape that I would’ve survived.


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