Happy New Year!!

So we just celebrated our first NYE outside the states, and boy was it ever fun!  As usual, we waited as late as we could to decide if we were trekking into the city to watch the fireworks.  It was close to 8:15pm when we left.  We hoped to take the bus, but it turned out that they were only going as far as Elephant & Castle station.  Since we didn’t want to take the tube, we decided to walk.  It wasn’t to far of a walk.  It only took us about 1/2 hour or so to arrive at Waterloo Bridge.  We fought the crowd, hoping to gain a spot about half way down the bridge, but it was to thick.  It didn’t help that some people decided to just sit down while the rest of the crowd just kept pushing forward.  We almost trampled a few members of the mobile ambulance and that’s when we decided to find another location to watch them from.

Of course, we took two camera’s a piece.  I took my D7000 and a GoPro, while the Mrs. took a Canon G12 and her new Lomokino, which she forgot to shoot with of course.  I shouldn’t talk because I had hoped to make a time lapse movie of the fireworks with the GoPro, but failed.  I wore the damn thing on my head, attaching it to a headband and looking like a total fool.  About 3 or 4 minutes into shooting, I must of turned it off because it only shot about 200 frames or so, but nothing showing fireworks.

So I gathered all the images I shot and turned them into a time lapse, and added a soundtrack.  It’s a bit long, and I hope you like it.



  1. This has just reminded me of how stunning those fireworks were… I only caught them on TV this year, and dread to think how much it must have cost, but there’s no denying they are beautiful (and I think they’re so well choreographed, for lack of a better word!). Your work is fantastic and thank you for posting this! Wonderful.

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