Jump for me

I’ve decided to bring back a project that I started back in the states called “Jump Des Moines Jump”.  The idea is simple enough, take cool photos of people jumping.

The band Facecage is l-r Matt Nyberg, 29, singer, Erik Long, 27, guitar, Sam Dooley, 18, drums and Fred Missouri, 27, bass.(Arturo Fernandez/Juice)

I was lucky to photography a lot of good sports.  People who would jump for me as many times as I needed them to.  If you’ve ever been photographed by me, you’re familiar with my “just one more shot” saying that actually means just one hundred more shots.

Pablo Lara, 28, practices his "Superman punch" before the start of a recent Des Moines Xtreme fighting event held at Vieux Carre night club. Pablo's match lasted a whole 37 seconds and his last fight lasted 4 minutes. Lara considers himself a brawler, or a street fighter and lists Tank Abbott as a hero.(Arturo Fernandez/Juice)

I started this while working for Juice Magazine.  I tried to publish as many of these photos in the magazine or on the website as possible.  Unfortunately, somewhere along the line, life caught up with me and this project fell to the wayside.

Mike Draper, owner of Raygun Des Moines.(Arturo Fernandez/Juice)

After several years of lying dormant, I’m bringing it back to this side of the pond as, wait for it…..”Jump London Jump”.  I’ll be on the lookout for subjects that are willing to jump for me.  With the Olympics only months away, I should not have a problem finding jumpers.  Come back for a look at my first jumpers.


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