Checking out one of London’s many canals

I spent what so far has been one of the coldest days since we have arrived in London chasing the Mrs. as she did an assignment covering a tour of a canal in Tower Hamlets in East London.  This portion of the canal was near the Olympic Stadium.  It took what seemed like forever to arrive, maybe since we took the bus or should I say two buses in order to get there.  Once we did, we found a partially frozen canal and a towpath with some cool graffiti.  This portion of the canal is known as the Hertford Union Canal, near the River Lee Navigation.

The boat you see in the photo above will be used as a water taxi to shuttle people back and forth to the Olympic park.

I’m always impressed with the look of the Olympic Stadium.

All along the towpath you can find these little sculptures.  All the photos were taken with my LG Optimus One cell using the Retro Camera app.

Back in September, we paid a visit to the Camden Market and stopped to watch the Camden Locks open for a passing boat.  Enjoy the cell phone video.


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