Winter fun at Trafalgar Square, London

So the 1st big snow fall has finally hit central London.   Everyone had hoped that the city would shut down, but that didn’t happen.  I did hear a few people say that they gave themselves extra time to get to work, but it wasn’t needed.  Most arrived just as quickly as they would any other day.  Yours truly was included in that 2nd group.  I arrived early enough that I was able to go to Trafalgar Square for some quick photos.  I purposely went to Trafalgar because I was so intrigued by the photos of the frozen fountains I kept seeing on Twitter and Facebook that I had to go and check it out for myself.

As usual, all photos have been taken with my LG Optimus One and processed using the Retro Camera app.


This is the Western fountain, it looks alright, but I think its missing something.

There were employees trying to clear the snow and ice, so I had to include them in my photos.  I can’t help it, it’s the photojournalist in me.  A photo needs a person to add some flavor.

This is the Eastern fountain, and as was the case with the Western one, it seems to be missing something.

After walking around for a good 10 minutes, I finally found what was missing.  A person, and a person clearing the fountain of ice to top it off.  Now this is a proper photo of the fountain.  IMHO of course 😉

This was the scene outside my window at 8:30am this morning.  I really like how the wires and footsteps make the scene so much more then just snow.



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