My photowalk(s) in Munich, Salzburg and Venice

I’m a little late in posting these photos, especially since this trip to Munich, Salzburg and Venice was a month ago.  What can I say?  I’ve been a bit busy, no more like a bit lazy.  I had planned on using my brand spanking new La Sardina camera from Lomo, but it turned out that due to operator error, it broke.  I was only able to run 2 rolls of film before I killed it and only had about 6 frames that were even exposed.  Luckily, I had my trusty LG Optimus One cellphone with the Retro Camera app and was able to take a few snaps along the way.  Hope you like them.

I meet Lucy the dog while in Munich after going up the Rathaus-Glockenspiel for a view of the Marienplatz and the surrounding city.

We found this giant sculpture called the Walking Man.  After a day and half, we boarded the train and headed to Salzburg on a day trip.

Horse and carriages wait for a fare.

It was pretty cold and rainy this day.

A view of Salzburg’s “Old Town”.

A view of the Alps.

The Altstadt, or “old town”, is dominated by its baroque towers and churches and the massive Festung Hohensalzburg.  After Salzburg, we jumped another train and headed to Venice.

We spent a total of four days in Venice, but between you and I, you only need two days there.  Don’t get me wrong, Venice is awesome, amazing, beautiful, full of great artwork, churches, food, etc, but two days was enough for me.  I’m not as big of a canal fan as I thought I was.

Gondolas are for tourists, and no, we didn’t ride in one.  We resisted the urge, and it was pretty expensive.

A gondola passes under the Rialto Bridge.

Just to show that there are other means of transport, not just the gondolas.

After three days it was becoming pretty tough to find new ways to show the city.  I came away with the ‘you’ve see one canal, you’ve seen them all’.


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