My night on the red carpet with Sam Worthington

I spent this evening perched above the red carpet at the BFI IMAX theater.  Tonight was the London premiere of the film Wrath of the Titans, the sequel to Clash of the Titans.  The remake, not the original in case you were wondering.  I remember watching the original Clash of the Titans at the Ramova Theater back in the early 80’s in Chicago, so I have some history with this francise.  I loved that movie, I was amazed at the action and special effects.

I thought the remake was a decent movie.  It payed its respects to the original by showing the golden owl Bubo, even if they did throw him in a locker.  I doubt I’ll watch the sequel in 3D since the Mrs. is not a fan of movies in 3D.  The red carpet was pretty low-key in my opinion, since not all of the stars were due to attend.  It was cool to see Sam Worthington, Liam Neeson, and Jonathan Liebesman, as well as a few others walk the carpet.  Check out the photos:

Sam Worthington on the red carpet for the London premier of Wrath of the Titans.(All photos © Arturo Fernandez/




  1. Great photography Arturo. Imax event Tues 22 May. Cameron Diaz, Brooklyn Decker, Cheryl Cole apparantly attending.. which is more like it 🙂

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