My Favorite Photos of 2013…Cellphone Edition

After many years of doubting that a cellphone could take a decent photo, I spent most of 2013 shooting with my LG Optimus 1 and more recently my Iphone 5s.

Here are some of my favorites:


A wedding party waiting for the NQR subway at the Fifth Avenue station in New York City.

IMG249The Coney Island Wonder Wheel.

20131109-213305.jpgChanging a bulb at McDonald’s Time Square.

20130811-160508.jpgLa Banda, make their way towards the 7 in Corona, NYC.

unisphereselfportrait 057Me and the Flushing Meadows – Corona Park Unisphere.

20131128-105213.jpgThe Cube after the rain.

wpid-IMG109_Hagrid_Clean1.jpgA Main Street bound 7 is seen thru a rainy window.






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