Five Fab Fotos with Lisa Fernandez, A Visual Conversation with Imaginative Professionals

Meet Lisa Fernandez, Multimedia Journalist:


I am an American multimedia journalist originally from Chicago and recently returned from living abroad, where I was receiving my Master’s Degree in International Journalism at City University in London.

Prior to my time in London, I’ve worked as a photojournalist for a variety of newspapers across the United States including, The Des Moines Register, The Reading Eagle, The Daily Herald, The South Bend Tribune and a few Spanish language weeklies.I’ve had the opportunity to produce many photo/video projects thus far and will continue to tell the important stories. Lisa is currently living in NYC with her husband Arturo their dog WeeGee and cat ManRay. 

My website:

My blog:


1. Robert Frank’s photo from “The Americans” series of two people looking out their window with the American flag waving above them.  I think his photos were the beginning of street photography and the way he captured moments with his camera was unlike anyone.


2. James Nachtwey’s book “Deeds of War” was my first introduction to photojournalism and one look at his photos made me want to be a war photographer. I believe the way he captures his moments humanized the wars he covers. Puts a face to what is actually happening in these places.


3. Bruce Davidson’s series “Central Park” is a simple one.  To photograph Central Park and its going on’s but he takes an artistic and intuitive approach to all of his subjects whether  it is landscapes, wild life, or people.

L0669 small4. A Pulitzer prize-winning photo by John H. White is another source of inspiration for me and has had a great impact on my life and my photography.  I’ve been privileged to have John as my tutor at Columbia College Chicago.  Not only does his photography inspire you but his passion for photojournalism is contagious. I always thought to myself “I want to be John H. White when I grow up.”


5. My last impactful image is actually not a photo but a painting by Frida Kahlo called “Two Fridas.” This images is so striking that you can feel her emotions through the paint and canvas. I think I also feel a connection to her because she is also a fellow creative Latina.


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