Five Fab Fotos with Samantha L. Thomas, A Visual Conversation with Imaginative Professionals

Meet Samantha L. Thomas, Chief Executive Officer at Global Arts Therapy:

Photo by Badfish Studios

Photo by Badfish Studios

Samantha L. Thomas is a restless native of Des, Moines Iowa; she currently teaches art in South Korea and holds a BA from Drake University.  Prior to moving to South Korea, Thomas studied in the Czech Republic and England.  Her newest project is Nepal Arts Therapy and she has a Boston terrier named Bulgogi.  Thomas is addicted to punk rock, Carlo Rossi, acrylic paint and photography.

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GAT background

Photo by Samantha L. Thomas

1. This photo was taken by me and is a representation of artwork created by students in the first art therapy workshop I taught at the Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre(CWIN) in Kathmandu Nepal. This photograph represents beauty and courage through expression of the self.


Photo by Samantha L. Thomas

2. The is a Holga image that I took on top of the roof from the pension I stayed in while in Nepal. This photograph represents freedom to me because at this moment I felt alive and on top of the world, I marveled at the beauty of such a powerful city. I was intoxicated with culture, new sounds, smells and an entirely different world, call it wonderlust if you will, I call it a new future home.

group photograph

Photo by Jenee Rai

3. This photograph inspires me to go forward, dream bigger, dance, smile and live larger by doing more for others. This was our first group of art therapy participants in Nepal.

working together

Photo by Jenee Rai

4. This photograph was taken by Jenee Rai, a lovely individual who worked in photojournalism and for the Child Workers in Nepal Concerned Centre(CWIN).  She captured a simplistic moment of two art therapy program participants creating and communicating. This photograph is symbolic for me as it represents the idea of working together for the greater good of the community.


Photo by Samantha L. Thomas

5. As Bibek wanted to be photographed.  This little gentleman greeted me daily before we began our sessions.  Due to the altitude shift and the air quality issues, I felt sick but it never fazed me, I kept going and I give him credit for that. Bibek touched my spirit and reminded me why I took the trip to Nepal.  Bibek gave me hope, courage and will to continue on, his smile and energy moved me to continue and to return to teach in Nepal.


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