Five Fab Fotos with Minyahil K. Giorgis, A Visual Conversation with Imaginative Professionals

Meet Minyahil K. Giorgis, Photographer and Owner at Giorgis Media:

Minyahil K. Giorgis (Tall)

I have always had a love for films/theatre and music from a very young age.  The older I got the more passionate I became about theatre, so I started a career in theatre as an actor and it wasn’t till my second year of university that I had my very own camera to document the wonderful people I found myself surrounded by. It was this need to document my passion for theatre & design that started my love affair with photography. Photographing people made me realize just how much I enjoy meeting and working with new people so I took photography more seriously, then one thing lead to another and BOOM Giorgis Media is born.

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Photo by Min

Photo by Minyahil K. Giorgis

1.  My first one has to be a picture I took about 5 years ago… I knew very little about photography back then but many people around me liked the pictures I was posting on Facebook.  So a former university friend of mine approached me with his girlfriend at the time and they asked me to join them for a coffee. They told me then that they were engaged and wanted to get some pictures of the wonderful city of London where they met so they can share this wonderful news with their friends and family. I of course felt the pressure as I had only 2 lenses, one of which was the kit lens that came with the camera and the second lens was a £50 old Minolta lens I bought from ebay YES you guessed its the nifty 50 (I know that title belongs to the canon but hey they can learn to share). I was excited to photograph them but the whole time I was completely nervous, but I was determined not to let on because I wanted to give them the best possible pictures I could produce so on a cold but sunny day we went out near parliament (where I believe they had their first date) and started taking pictures. It wasn’t until I a few days later that I noticed this picture, I must have just marked it as one of the good ones to send but never really looked much at it. When I realized what I was looking at I suddenly knew why this picture will be one of the most valuable pictures to me, what I realized was at that moment in this picture, these two human beings absolutely and utterly adored each other, no matter what happens in the future, they will always have this moment. The picture wasn’t posed, they were just being themselves around each other and somehow with the very little photographic knowledge I had managed to capture this beautiful moment.

Photo by Joe McNally,

Photo by Joe McNally,

2. The next picture is by one of my favorite photographers Joe McNally. To me he is one of the greatest photographers out there.  The work he has done for National Geographic over many, many years is simply beautiful. There is one image of his that I still adore to this day and that is of this gorgeous and soulful woman playing the saxophone while standing at the shore of beach during a very dramatic sunset. What I love about this image is that there is no Photoshop involved, this is Joe McNally’s experience and skill speaking for itself. The first time I saw it, I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on, HOW, HOW is he exposing both for her in the foreground and that wonderful warm and glorious sunset. It wasn’t until two or three years later when I started learning about off camera flash that I  really, really understood what exposure meant and I truly appreciated this image.

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 23.35.56

Vogue Russia, September 2011.  Photo by Patrick Demarchelier,

3. Now this image is by one of my absolute favorite photographers, Patrick Demarchelier. I  just love love love love the images this man has created. There is something about his subjects, he makes them appear almost immortal. You see them and you almost don’t want to turn the page.

Photo by Uzo Oleh

Photo by Uzo Oleh

4. I first met Uzo when I was working at Jessops in New Oxford street. He came in with the interest of having a look at the newly released (at the time) 5D mk 2. He wasn’t sure whether or not it would be worth it for him but we managed to make a deal that if he bought the 5d mk2 I would then buy the 5D mk 1 he has, as I had been looking forward to taking my first step in to the world of Full Frame cameras, and have had my eye on getting a 5D since 2006. When I went to his studio to pick up the 5D and give him the money I was very surprised to see how down to earth and cool he was. We got on very well and the more I started looking at his work the more I realized how much I liked it. The people he photographs are beautiful polished and presented and the elegance of the images and the simplicity and classiness of his studio made me realize he respected and admired elegance. Whenever I look for inspiration, I always go to his website and have a look at his Beauty and fashion pages.

Photos by Annie Leibovitz

Photos by Annie Leibovitz

5.I hope you like the people and images I have shared with you, if I had to pick one last one to join the list it would undoubtably have to be Annie Leibovitz – for those who don’t know her work it is simply MAGICAL I will leave it at that.


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