Five Fab Fotos with Anthony Keiler, A Visual conversation with Imaginative Professionals

Meet Anthony Keiler, Freelance Photographer:


I am a freelance photographer, specialising in portraiture, event and music photography.
For more info visit

Photo by Kevin Carter

Photo by Kevin Carter

1. Kevin Carter’s shot of the vulture and the child.  They say that a shot should stir up some emotion within you; this photo certainly does that with its harsh depiction of reality.

Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson

Photo by Henri Cartier-Bresson

2. Henri Cartier’s shot of the kids through the wall.  Lovely composition, simplistic and clear.

Photo by Nigel Parry

Photo by Nigel Parry

3. Nigel Parry’s portrait of Robert De Niro.  Classy and simple.

Photo by Anthony Keller

Photo by Anthony Keiler

4. Stories in a line – Anthony Keiler.  After all of these years it is still my favourite photo from my collection.  I love photographing people and capturing stories.

5. Jeff Ascough – any; the guy is talent personified.


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