Five Fab Fotos with Tony Fiorini, A Visual Conversation with Imaginative Professionals

Meet Tony Fiorini, Freelance Photographer:

tony fiorini

I started taking pictures in college where I worked for The Pitt News, the student newspaper for the University of Pittsburgh. In the fall of my junior year I studied abroad with Semester at Sea, a program where you sail around the world on a ship and visit 12 countries along the way. While at sea you take college classes, and when in port you explore. It was a life changing experience. I took an advanced black and white photography class on board and knew this is how I wanted to spend the rest of my life, making pictures. That is where I fell in love with photojournalism.

I started at the Reading Eagle in 1996 and was there for 8 years. I learned a great deal from the wonderful photographers on staff at the Eagle. In 2004 I left the Eagle and became the staff photographer for Semester at Sea on their spring 2004 voyage. From the day I left the ship in 1994 had been wanting to go back. It was again a life changing experience.

In 2006 I was hired on as the staff photographer for The Catholic University of America in Washington DC. It was a great job providing the university with any image they would need. My work was used online and in print by all areas of the university.

I met my wife who at the time was a post doctoral scientist at the Carnegie Institution and when she got a teaching job at Yale University we moved to Connecticut. I became a freelance photographer, shooting mostly events at Yale and doing more and more weddings. I also look after our 3 year old son and 3 month old daughter.

What I miss most about not working in a newsroom is the camaraderie of the photo department staff. I like working together with reporters, editors, and designers to tell a compelling story, I do miss that but have settled into a wonderful life of occasional freelance work and playing with matchbox cars.

For more info:

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1. Flag – I made this image in October, 2001. There were American flags everywhere and I had seen this effect somewhere. There was a flag painted on the side of a garage and I was able to drive up close to it and shoot the rain drops with the flag on my car window.


2. Crash – I just love the expressions on the kid and cops here. This was after a motor vehicle accident and this was found in the car.


3. Pope – When working for The Catholic University of America the new Pope, Benedict XVI came to the United States for an official visit. One stop was Washington DC and campus.


4. Water – Women line up for water in a rural town in India.


5. Hands – School girls hold hands while singing in a township school in Cape Town, South Africa.


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