The faces of the Suicide Squad revealed

The hype is starting to build for the upcoming Suicide Squad movie.  I’m a fan of the superhero movie, including the anti-superhero or super villain movies.  There’s not many, but DC has been in the forefront IMHO.  The animated movies that they have released over the years are great.

I haven’t followed the Suicide Squad that much in the comics.   With the new 52, the team has changed, but the key members remain.

I, like the rest of the world was a bit taken back by Jared Leto’s interpretation of Mr. J:

This look is growing on me.  It really makes him look crazy and we all know the Joker is crazy above all else.  I like the idea that he has “suffered” a bit while at Arkham, thus causing him to alter his look.  Maybe the tats represent certain events in his life.  Similar to the tats on members of the Russian mob.  Anyone who poses with a Nikon can’t be that bad. Right?

Everyone seems really excited about Will Smith being cast as Deadshot:

Here is comic book Deadshot.  What do you think?


DC Comics

I wonder how much screen time Smith will actually be under the mask?  Why pay so much for him and then cover his mug up?  I hope the big wigs took this into account when they offered him the role.

What do you guys think, are you excited about this movie?  Is there a story arc I should read to help get me up to speed?  If so, let me know.


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