Watching the Election returns


This is the first image of my new photo project that has been sixteen years in the making.   Back in 2000 when Bush 2 and Gore were fighting for Florida, I had this idea of showing the candidates doing every day things. Nothing crazy, only  simple things such as ordering dinner on Seamless, driving with Uber, or taking the dog out for a walk.  Things that I’m sure they haven’t done.  Sadly, this remained only as an idea, and no photos were ever made.

When Obama and McCain hit the trail in 2008, I figured this has to be the election for my project.  Obama was rallying the younger crowd and McCain had the former Governor of Alaska as his running mate.  What more could I ask for?  Well, I blamed life and no photos were ever made.

Fast forward another eight years and who ends up hitting the political scene?  Trump and Clinton. Comedy gold!  Having both won 11 states so far, and because of what they have been saying during the most interesting debates ever, I had to start making photos.  And I have!

I plan to photograph till the end of this election season people doing everyday things.  Not as themselves, but as one of the current front runners for the Democratic and Republican party presidential nominations.  Candidates say they are just like us.  Let’s see how they “handle” living in our shoes, doing stuff you and I do to survive on a regular basis.