Currently Playing At Casa Fernandez: 5 Videos I’m Ashamed To Say I Liked Back In The Day.

The headline I’m using is a bit misleading. I not ashamed to say I like these videos, but back in the day I was a teenager when “I want my MTV” was a thing. I was amazed by the idea of watching a music video anytime I wanted. Luckily the channel was part of the cable package my parents had. Now, I’m not saying that the following videos are bad or not worth watching. More than a few are considered classics in their own right, but for the 15 yr old me, I couldn’t stop watching these videos. I think it’s safe to say why at 15 I was so interested in these videos.


5. ZZ Top — Legs

4. Van Halen — Hot for Teacher

3.Motley Crue — Girls, Girls, Girls

2. Robert Palmer — Addicted to Love

1.Duran Duran — Girls on film

Any 80’s video I missed? Which music video did you like watching as a teen?


During his spirited RNC speech, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie performed a mock prosecution of Hillary Clinton as he asks the crowd to yell ‘guilty!’ and ‘lock her up!’

Pokemon Go Hillary

Chris Christie, RNC 2016:

As to Hillary Clinton, putting herself ahead of America guilty or not guilty? Hillary Clinton, lying to the American people about her selfish, awful judgment guilty or not guilty? Time after time the facts, and just the facts, lead you to the same verdict both around the world and at home.

In Libya and Nigeria guilty.

In China and Syria guilty.

In Iran and Russia and Cuba guilty.

And here at home on risking America’s secrets to keep her own and lying to cover it all up. Guilty. Her focus group tested persona, with no genuineness to be found, is a sham meant to obscure all the facts and leave you able to vote for her. We cannot promote someone to Commander-in-Chief who has made the world a more violent and dangerous place with every bad judgment she has made.

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With Bernie Sanders finally on board the Hillary train. Mrs. Clinton is looking to give all Bernsters a ride to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue come November 8th.

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When you call for an Uber and she only wants to take you to Washington D.C with a quick stop in Philly.

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Currently Playing at Casa Fernandez:Cinco de Mayo Edition

With Cinco de Mayo just a day away, I wondered what am I going to be listening to? Just remember that anytime is a good time for some Latino music.

Here are they are in no particular order:

1. Molotov -Frijoler

Used to freak out reporters when I’d play this song on our way to assignments in DSM.

2.Kinky – Sister Twisted

3. Vincente Fernandez – Por Tu Maldito Amor

What can I say? El sigue siendo el rey.

4. Gael Garcia Bernal – Quiero Que Me Quieras

5. Big Pun – Still Not A Player

6. Selena – Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

7. Shakira – La Tortura

8. Juan Gabriel – No Tengo Dinero

9. Freddy Fender – Before The Next Teardrops Falls

10. Jennifer Lopez – Jenny From the Block



He’s Gone! Ted Cruz Drops Out of Presidential Race

After a series of disappointing showings, Ted Cruz decided to drop out of the presidential race. It was do or die for Cruz in Indiana and with a dismal 36.91% of the vote after 64.53% reporting, Cruz decided to end it and leave it all in Indiana. With some free time on his hands, wonder if Cruz would be willing to play a pickup game of rings, I mean hoops.

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Currently Playing at Casa Fernandez

Here is a list of videos that I’m watching or listening, depending on your point of view:

1.Tinie Tempah – Girls LIke

I have been a fan of Tinie since I moved to London.

2. Coldplay – Paradise

This song used to get on my nerves, but it played consistently when I was stationed at the front door of Apple in Covent Garden. Needless to say that I grew to like it.

3. Spice Girls – Wannabe

I just like this song.

4. One Direction – What Makes You Beautiful

Another fun song.

5. Led Zeppelin – Whole Lotta Love

Gonna start to wear my pants as tight as Robert Plant’s in this video.

Your turn to be Photo Editor: Watching the Election returns

Even though I had plenty of time to think about how I was going to do this project, I always seem to have extra photos let over.  Editing photos is always a difficult thing to do, esp when they are your own.

These photos didn’t make the cut for one reason or another.  It was just something about them that didn’t work IMHO. Wondering what I choose?

What do you guys think?

The day I ran into Deadpool

12695053_10153276953505025_2361274347395629641_oOne day while on lunch I decided to walk around outside of my then office in NYC.  The office is located on Astor Place and is surrounded by other media companies.  Well, who do I happen to run into but Deadpool himself, Ryan Reynolds.  He was doing promotions for a project that escapes me at the moment.  He was coming out of the AOL offices and decided to stop to say hi to some fans. All I had with me was my Nexus 6, but as someone once said ‘the best camera is the one you have with you’.

I always noticed crowds of people and photographers gathering around the back entrance to AOL, but never did I think I would actually run into a celeb.  Reynolds was very gracious with his time, signing autographs and posing for pics with as many people as possible.  Even after his handlers were trying to reign him in, he insisted on just one more pic.

In case you didn’t know, Deadpool hits theaters today and early buzz says that it’s a pretty good movie.  Here’s the trailer for your viewing pleasure and the red band one at that.