A New Era Begins in the United Kingdom

The Queen of England welcomes Theresa May as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Wednesday July 13, 2016, after the former PM David Cameron gave the Queen his resignation.

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She becomes Britain’s second female prime minister and will be charged with guiding the UK out of the European Union. Along with the honor of saving the UK, she also starts a new ‘fashion watch’.

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The shoes are ugly in my honest opinion. Thankfully, I’m not interested in her fashion sense.






Cool Supermoon Photos from Around the World

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Five Fab Fotos with Jon Williams, A Visual Conversation with Imaginative Professionals

Meet Jon Williams, Outdoor Sports Photographer and Filmmaker:


Jon’s passion for photography and video comes from his father’s influence as a professional photographer (Jeremy Williams) and he grew up surrounded by cameras and photos. The combination of this and living on the North Wales coast inevitably led to a love of outdoor sports and landscape photography which feature heavily in his portfolio.  Jon graduated from the University of Bath in 2010 and has since done various work for companies including Apple, Red Bull, Sky Sports and N-Photo Magazine.

All Photos © Jon Williams

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Jamie Cliff Drop

1. I took this photo of Team GB snowboarder Jamie Barrow on a University ski trip to Val Thorens in France. He was only 17 at the time and a rising star in the world of snowboard racing. We happened to be sharing a room on the trip and I could tell that he was not only a great snowboarder but he had a real passion for pushing his limits. I think Jamie liked this photo as we have been working together ever since and the projects I have done with him have really helped shape my career.


2. This is a photo I took of my younger brother Harry riding his mountain bike in North Wales where we grew up. I was very lucky to grow up here and I spent my childhood mountain biking and climbing in Snowdonia. I am at my happiest when I’m in the mountains, doing something active and ideally capturing it with my camera!


3. This is my dad, Jeremy, when he was about 25, holding his first SLR camera. He worked as a professional photographer for most of his 20s in London and I grew up surrounded by his cameras and photos. My dad particularly likes the technical side of photography – having a real understanding of the camera’s settings and the way it works. This appreciation for the technology behind photography has rubbed off on me and I’m proud to say I’m a big camera geek!

Screen Shot 2014-04-13 at 11.54.56

4. In late 2010 I’d graduated from University and was working in Australia as a forensic psychologist, doing photography only as a hobby. Whilst I was looking for an upgrade to my old Nikon D100, I came across this video of Chase Jarvis road testing the new Nikon D7000. I was instantly hooked on Chase’s YouTube channel and it’s fair to say his videos changed my life. Within a few months, I had bought the D7000, quit my job and was following my passion for photography and video.

5. My latest video was the biggest and craziest project I’ve worked on so far – I filmed snowboarder Jamie Barrow setting the world snowboard speed record with electric jet engines on St Moritz Lake in Switzerland. I filmed the majority of the video with my Nikon D7000 showing just how impressive the video mode is on this Nikon DSLR camera. The video has gone down very well on the internet thanks to some major websites picking it up and I’m really hoping it’ll mean I can continue to make these fun and interesting films in the future.

Looking Back: Chicago Bears vs Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Wembley Stadium

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The Chicago Bears run onto the field at Wembley Stadium before the start of their game against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2011 as part of the annual NFL’s visit to London.  The Bears would win by a score of 24-18 on a good ground game lead by Matt Forte.  For more photos from the game check out the Daily Herald’s coverage here and to see what’s new with the Chicago Bears go here.  Sorry Tampa fans, but this here is a Bears supporter, so do a web search for news about your club.

Five Fab Fotos with Hannah Radenkova, A Visual Conversation with Imaginative Professionals

Meet Hannah Radenkova, Illustrator:
I graduated from Camberwell College of Arts in 2012 with an MA in Illustration, from Kingston University in 2009 with a BA(Hons) in Illustration and Animation, and have been represented by the Bright Agency since 2010.
Since starting work on my humourous alphabet book, ‘The Alphabet of (In)Humanity’, for my masters degree I’ve done work for clients such as Pentacor, Edco, Oxford Designers and Illustrators, and Oxford University Press.
Inspiration often takes the form of artwork for me, but there are some amazing photographers out there who I find really inspire me.
1930s: Beams of sunlight stream through the windows at Grand Central Terminal, in New York City. Hal Morey / Hulton Archive via Getty Images

1930s: Beams of sunlight stream through the windows at Grand Central Terminal, in New York City. Hal Morey / Hulton Archive via Getty Images

1. This image is what I imagine limbo would look like. The light is just so wonderful, and the figures have a really ethereal quality to them. A beautiful and elegant way to enter the afterlife, no?


Photo by Marc Shaw,

2. I have a complete love affair with the 1940s and 1950s and take a lot of inspiration from that time, so anything from the golden age of couture pretty much makes it straight on the list. Cecil Beaton and Richard Avedon are awesome but Mark Shaw pips them to the post with this image. Fantastic movement, colour, and just look at those shoes.


Photo by Hannah Radenkova

3. As much as I love to travel to new places, I’ve also gone to the same place in Scotland pretty much every year since I was seven. Fife is a home away from home and the slightly grumpy Scottish coastline is always both comforting and inspiring. I chose this from my (numerous) photos of the area.

4. Elena Shumilova, A Russian photographer who takes incredible pictures of her children on her farm. Her sense of storytelling really appeals to the illustrator in me, and the lighting is always beautiful.

5. Another storyteller is Jee Young Lee.  All her images are based around amazing fairytale landscapes created in her tiny studio. A very inspiring artist and photographer.