Currently Playing At Casa Fernandez: 5 Videos I’m Ashamed To Say I Liked Back In The Day.

The headline I’m using is a bit misleading. I not ashamed to say I like these videos, but back in the day I was a teenager when “I want my MTV” was a thing. I was amazed by the idea of watching a music video anytime I wanted. Luckily the channel was part of the cable package my parents had. Now, I’m not saying that the following videos are bad or not worth watching. More than a few are considered classics in their own right, but for the 15 yr old me, I couldn’t stop watching these videos. I think it’s safe to say why at 15 I was so interested in these videos.


5. ZZ Top — Legs

4. Van Halen — Hot for Teacher

3.Motley Crue — Girls, Girls, Girls

2. Robert Palmer — Addicted to Love

1.Duran Duran — Girls on film

Any 80’s video I missed? Which music video did you like watching as a teen?


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