Trick or Trump

Trick or Trump

Can you help a Republican Party nominee for president sort his Halloween candy?


Five Fab Fotos with David Peterson, A Visual Conversation with Imaginative Professionals


Meet David Peterson, Freelance Photographer and Two-Time Winner of the Pulitzer Prize:
I have been a photojournalist for over 33 years, beginning my career at the Topeka Capital-Journal. For 30 years I was a staff photographer and special projects photographer for the Des Moines Register. I recently left the newspaper business to freelance.While at the Register I won two Pulitzer Prizes, the first in 1987 for Feature Photography for a photo essay on Iowa’s Farm Crisis. The work was done with the help of a Nikon/NPPA sabbatical. I shared in another Pulitzer in 1991 for Community Service for a story about a rape victim. Seven of my photographs were included in the entry. Other accolades while at the Register include two stints as judge for Pictures of the Year, White House News Photographers contest judge, three times Region 5 Photographer of the Year, and numerous other local, regional and national awards.I…

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Currently Playing At Casa Fernandez: 5 Videos I’m Ashamed To Say I Liked Back In The Day.

The headline I’m using is a bit misleading. I not ashamed to say I like these videos, but back in the day I was a teenager when “I want my MTV” was a thing. I was amazed by the idea of watching a music video anytime I wanted. Luckily the channel was part of the cable package my parents had. Now, I’m not saying that the following videos are bad or not worth watching. More than a few are considered classics in their own right, but for the 15 yr old me, I couldn’t stop watching these videos. I think it’s safe to say why at 15 I was so interested in these videos.


5. ZZ Top — Legs

4. Van Halen — Hot for Teacher

3.Motley Crue — Girls, Girls, Girls

2. Robert Palmer — Addicted to Love

1.Duran Duran — Girls on film

Any 80’s video I missed? Which music video did you like watching as a teen?

During his spirited RNC speech, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie performed a mock prosecution of Hillary Clinton as he asks the crowd to yell ‘guilty!’ and ‘lock her up!’

Pokemon Go Hillary

Chris Christie, RNC 2016:

As to Hillary Clinton, putting herself ahead of America guilty or not guilty? Hillary Clinton, lying to the American people about her selfish, awful judgment guilty or not guilty? Time after time the facts, and just the facts, lead you to the same verdict both around the world and at home.

In Libya and Nigeria guilty.

In China and Syria guilty.

In Iran and Russia and Cuba guilty.

And here at home on risking America’s secrets to keep her own and lying to cover it all up. Guilty. Her focus group tested persona, with no genuineness to be found, is a sham meant to obscure all the facts and leave you able to vote for her. We cannot promote someone to Commander-in-Chief who has made the world a more violent and dangerous place with every bad judgment she has made.

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In a future where all Mexicans have been deported, I guess I’ll have to do my own lawn care.

Gardner Trump

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A New Era Begins in the United Kingdom

The Queen of England welcomes Theresa May as the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom on Wednesday July 13, 2016, after the former PM David Cameron gave the Queen his resignation.

Embed from Getty Images Embed from Getty Images

She becomes Britain’s second female prime minister and will be charged with guiding the UK out of the European Union. Along with the honor of saving the UK, she also starts a new ‘fashion watch’.

The shoes are ugly in my honest opinion. Thankfully, I’m not interested in her fashion sense.





With Bernie Sanders finally on board the Hillary train. Mrs. Clinton is looking to give all Bernsters a ride to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue come November 8th.

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Five Fab Fotos with Ian Spanier, A Visual Conversation with Imaginative Professionals


Meet Ian Spanier, Freelance Photographer:


There is nothing original anymore, there’s new, and different, but everything can be traced back to some influence at sometime or another. As photography has changed, mostly through technology at this point, finding your voice has become harder and harder. For me, reminding yourself of your influences is a necessity to stay focused on where you want to go. There’s a reason, at least for me, the masters are the masters. How they affect me now I feel continues to force my eye to a certain place, allow my brain to interpret things I see and create images the way I choose. Limiting this number to just five is not quite accurate, and not listing the great painters that influenced me like Sargent, Hopper, Chuck Close and Homer leaves out much of what formed my vision. Nonetheless, here’s five of my favorites:

Photos by Richard Avedon Photos by Richard…

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Five Fab Fotos with Carlos A. Moreno, A Visual Conversation with Imaginative Professionals


Meet Carlos A. Moreno, Photojournalist:


Moreno, who specializes in editorial, documentary, corporate, fashion, product and visual journalism. His photojournalism work has been published and syndicated in The New York Times, The Rockefeller Foundation,, the Associated Press, the Bay Area News Group, and others. He is based out of San Diego, and lives near the U.S.-Mexican border. He travels all over California, parts of the U.S, and Baja California, Mexico for assignments, as well as for commissioned work. He is always open to new clientele. When he is not pursuing his own personal work or new freelance clientele, his day job is being a staff photographer at Designer Studio INC and teaching private digital photography classes over the weekend.

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There are many images in my short career that have had an impact on how I work as a photographer.  None as vivid in real time as the story of…

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